"I've been playing guitar since childhood, and it seems my enjoyment for the instrument grows by the day. Studying at ACM I was lucky enough to learn from renowned guitarists such as Pete Friesen and Giorgio Serci, and have met many great teachers that I continue to draw influence from. I've been teaching guitar myself for many years now, and am fascinated by how differently students learn, their different approaches to music, musical tastes, and their relationship with the instrument. Whether to strum a few songs round a campfire, or to be the next legend, the guitar is an open, diverse, unique instrument that is a privilege to teach. With experience in performing a broad set of styles, I have a wealth of resources to draw from for each individual student, and am versatile in lessons - some of my students like to go through grades, others learn their favourite songs, or for more advanced players overcome a block in technique – or a combination of all! I teach theory to a high level, including analysis, and also songwriting/composition. I have experience in theatre, as an actor and musician, and have helped actor-musicians with playing guitar on stage, and can help with stagecraft and confidence. One of the biggest joys in teaching is to learn from students, and I'm keen on new challenges, exploring new styles, and developing a direction that works for each individual - for example, a priority is that you enjoy the music you are learning!" 

Teaching Experience

Private guitar tutor

– 2006 to present

Surbiton High, resident contemporary guitar tutor 

– 2018 to present 

Brent Music Service, peripatetic guitar tutor (4 schools) – 2018 to 2020

Ark Greenwich Free School, peripatetic guitar tutor

– 2019 to present 

Ampthill Music School, resident guitar tutor 

– 2006 to 2009


MA in Modern and Contemporary Culture – University of York

BA Hons in Music and English – Oxford Brookes University 


Diploma in Music Practice – Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford

Grade 8 in guitar

Examples of what we'd cover:

🎶 Improvisation – creating on the spot and understanding what's underneath.

🎶 Soloing – develop the technique and creativity, and learn your favourites!  

🎶 Composition – songwriting, or analysing current music. 

🎶 Ear Training – essential, and hugely rewarding. 

🎶 Theory – incorporated into practical playing, it can be interesting and fun! 

🎶 Rhythm Guitar – strumming, arpeggios, grooves, harmony, playing with a band. 

🎶 Lead Guitar – using scales and arpeggios, accuracy and speed, creativity and tone. 

🎶 Stylistic Awareness – playing different styles and developing a rich technique.

🎶Performance Skills – stage presence and dealing with nerves. 

🎶 SONGS! It's my priority that you enjoy what you are learning, and we learn everything in context of the music it creates. I often teach from the Trinity Rock and Pop or RSL syllabus' - electric and acoustic - but also teach songs that we choose in lesson motivated by your music taste. I have experience in playing funk, soul, rock, pop, traditional folk, country, jazz, and musical theatre, to name a few, and one of the joys of teaching is exploring the songs that students love. 

The above are examples, and we can focus on one or all – lessons will always be tailored to each individual. Many students contact to work on something in particular, and I can also offer one-off online lessons. And even if you're not sure but have always fancied picking up the guitar, get in touch via the contact details below for a chat. 

FACE TO FACE LESSONS: I can travel to you, am based in London, and am flexible about location. We'd start with a call by phone or online (preferably the latter and with your guitar) so I can assess what is needed, and we can talk about how best to move forward. Standard rate is £45 per hour or £22.50 for half, but this is flexible depending on your circumstances, where you are, and what type of session you are looking for. So please feel free to get in touch if you're not sure and we can chat! Contact details are at the bottom of the page.

ONLINE LESSONS: recent events meant moving lessons over to the internet, and it has worked really well. Throughout 'lockdown' I taught many weekly students one-to-one online, and their progress was just as good, sometimes better! With online resources advancing so quickly it is becoming a preferred method for lessons - some students opting to mix online with face-to-face as well. If you're intrigued but not sure, we can have a free chat before deciding how to move forward...


Contact me directly:

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